Our Company

Our Mission

Our mission at Project Panda™ is to provide world-class project hosting services to our customers and business partners. We are intensely focused on how we can satisfy our customers again and again. The secret for the positive impact we have on our clients’ businesses and the close relationships we have with them is by providing the expertise and unwavering commitment of  our team. We believe the world’s best people deliver the world’s best results. 

Our Company

Project Panda provides project hosting services in the cloud for individuals and corporations. Our innovative approach dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of setting up, managing and sharing projects. Our corporate philosophy is built on the ideals of respect for our employees and customers, and our dedication to excellence and quality.

Teaming to Win

Uncompromising quality and commitment are our hallmarks. The lifeblood of any successful venture, big or small, is thoughtful collaboration and effective teamwork. The expertise, skills and devotion of our people, power your success.

Committed to Your Success

Project Panda is a catalyst for enabling people everywhere to effectively collaborate. Our team has a passion for helping people realize their vision through our technology and commitment to our customers.  For us, success is real and tangible. The dedication of our elite team of Pandas will leave you inspired.

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